Hi. I’m Claire and I’m passionate about sports medicine. I’ve accrued a lot of specialist knowledge over the years on injuries, rehabilitation and conditioning and this site enables me to share it. This Get Back To Sport site also gives everyone the opportunity, regardless of sporting prowess or status, to access leading sports science and sports medicine support and harness the most current knowledge of the best approaches help you recover from your injury faster and better.

I am an avid sports woman and have represented my country, and I know only too well the effects that injury can have and the importance of receiving the best sports medicine support. Fortunately, when I was injured (I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament playing basketball), I was already training in a specialist and leading centre in sports injury. I recognised at the time that I was very lucky because this kind of expert knowledge and treatment wasn’t available to everyone.

That was back in 2001. Still now, trying to find a specialist source of information to help you Get Back To Sport after your injury is difficult and often only freely available to the elite and professional athletes. I often hear of people being discharged from clinical care, not knowing what they should do next, whether or not it’s safe to go back to their activities, let alone the type of exercises they should be doing to help prevent future injury. That’s not necessary the fault of the clinician or physio, resources and time are limited!

This is why I set up this site.
I have worked in the field of sports medicine since 2000 and I pioneered this site to provide access to the best sports medicine support. My research and experience, coupled with my collaborations with other leading sports-medicine professionals (including Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and fellow Academics) mean that you will receive a comprehensive research-led clinical and personal approach to any injury-related problem; either prevention or cure.

Currently, I lead a collaboration between 2 major Edinburgh Universities and a leading NHS Orthopaedic and Trauma Department, forging new research into rehabilitation following major orthopaedic surgery. Prior to this I was a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University for several years during which time I performed researched and taught undergraduates and postgraduates in the field of strength and conditioning, injury, prevention and rehabilitation. I have published in this area and have spoken at major national and international conferences (see below for details). Some of my research advancements include: developing new scientific measurement techniques; furthering our understanding of why females are at greater risk of injury than males and; challenging traditional rehabilitation methods, to name but a few.
My former PhD students continue to further this field of study and some have gone on to become very successful scientists and clinical practitioners.

In my own PhD (2004), I researched how stressful exercise compromised important aspects of muscle performance and how that could increase the risk of injury. Realising that muscle strength is unlikely to be the major factor in protecting against injury, I developed a 6-month ACL rehabilitation programme to enhance specific elements of muscle performance to enhance recovery following surgery and have applied similar principles in the design of sports-specific programmes to improve fitness and performance.

I am passionate about helping people and being effective in helping them to achieve their goals! My research enables me to test new ideas and develop new ways of conditioning. I enjoy also performing consultancies for healthcare professions, businesses and individuals in the field of performance and rehabilitation.
I mentioned that I was an avid sports woman; I love to try different things and I like to think that my knowledge has helped me to excel in an eclectic mix of sports, including: Great Britain Octopush (underwater hockey); National League basketball (Doncaster Panthers) and, fancying a different challenge altogether, British Powerlifting champion


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  • Nottingham Forest FC
  • Ossur Ltd - healthcare solutions
  • Paviours Rugby
  • DSM Nutrition Ltd
  • Health Education Seminars Ltd
  • Carl Benjamin Bodybuilding
  • Various professional track athletes
  • Knee & hip replacement patients
  • Recreational athletes & gym-goers


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