CompliationExample Professional Presentations & Lectures

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Roadshow. How to Manage Injuries & Accommodate the Injured Client. March 2016, London. [Link]

Physiotherapy study evening; Prehabilitation; What is it & Does it Work?  December 2015, University of Bolton

Ministry of Defense Physiotherapy study evening; Muscle Fatigue; Current Concepts for Knee Rehabilitation & Conditioning.  December 2015, Catterick Garrison

SCI (Society of Chemical Industry): Lipids and Health: Risk, Reward and Revelation: Neuromuscular Function and Falls-Related Fragility Fractures; Does  Vitamin D Have a Role to Play? November 2015, Belgravia London [Link]

Leisure Industry Week: Resourcing Rehabilitation for the Health & Fitness Industry. September 2015, Birmingham NEC

HE Seminars: UK Lower Limb Specialists – a master class. Invited Keynote: Rehabilitating the Emergency Response. September 2015, Southampton [Link] [Link]

Extended Scope Practitioners Annual General Meeting and Study Day.  Keynote Lecture: Joint Issues? Physical Activity, Neuromuscular Function and Obesity. May 2015, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh[Link]

Annual Edinburgh Cartilage Symposium, March 2014; 2015. Keynote lectures & workshop lead – Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation for Articular Cartilage Defects in the Knee [Link]

Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference 2014: Exercise, Health and Wellbeing for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur