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Understanding Injury; The Fundamentals of Injury and Injury Management for Fitness Professionals

This online course, authored by Dr Claire Minshull with contributions from leading Consultant Psychologist Serena Simmons, is designed to help personal trainers and exercise professionals to work with the injured client effectively. It is designed to expand your knowledge of injury, healing and how such affect muscle performance and it will develop your creative skills in exercise adaptation to accommodate the injured client.

This is a great introductory course to take in preparation for the practical day workshop on managing injury

By the end of this workshop, you should:

  • 1. Be able to list 4-5 common MSK problems / injuries and their population profileInjury training quote
  • 2. Be able to list the common signs and symptoms of injury
  • 3. Be familiar with the key stages of injury and healing and understand how such affect muscle performance
  • 4. Have an awareness of 3 key psychological effects of injury and the typical client treatment pathway
  • 5. Be able to think creatively to adapt training methods to accommodate injury and MSK problems


ABOUT THE COURSEInjury Training Quote

Once you have secured your place, you will be given access to all the online materials including a Learner Pack, Modules downloads & Quizzes.

REPS_BADGE_CPD 6_LOGOThe course is split into 6 separate and manageable modules, which you can complete at your leisure.  In order to qualify for the certificate and 6 REPs CPD points, it expected that you complete the workshop within 3-months of registering – just to make sure your knowledge is current and fresh!

Scheme of work:

Learn about injury

Scheme of Work

Each module has a set of self-test questions to help you embed your learning. Submit the final set of self-test questions at the end of the workshop to receive your certificate.  And, if you’re a part of the REPs scheme, you’ll receive 6 CPD points for completing this course!

Injury Training Quote

The key conditions we will cover include anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, knee osteoarthritis, anterior knee pain, ankle sprain, rotator cuff injury. You will learn some of the causes of muscle inhibition and how can influence performance and function. Importantly, the latter two modules bring together the all the material, with a practical application. You will work through case-studies and discover and develop practical solutions that you can use the very next day with your clients!

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